Our Story

A Passion for Making Self-Storage Amazing

We’re storage on demand and we’re going to digitally enable, add pickup and delivery and other options to self storage to make your lives easier Everyone has had an experience with storage, dealing with their stuff that could have gone better We had recent experiences where we spent most weekends over the summer moving our parent's things into storage.

... it was dirty, sweaty, and time consuming –we knew there had to be a better way.
We wanted to create something that would be a flexible, convenient, storage business.

We’re betting that you can relate to one or more the same events and struggles that we have dealt with managing stuff throughout your busy life.

Think about the early years - maybe living in a dorm or apartment. Juggling boxes and dealing with temporary storage. Before you know it, you might have been living with a partner - moving in together. - maybe even adding to the family.

Maybe you just need to de-clutter to take back that space for a hobby room, or cleaning out the cluttered garage. Or maybe you are actually downsizing or helping someone else to downsize. Don't dump off countless unmarked boxes to some storage unit you forget about.

You get the idea, we all lead busy lives. As I move through life and as you move through life - we all need a flexible, convenient storage solution that moves with us. We all share the same problem: all that wasted time and effort in storing life’s stuff Let us show you how Storage on Demand will make it easier.

Just reach out through our mobile app.
Tell us about your stuff.
We will pick it up from wherever you are: your home, the office, your school, even conventions.

Storage on Demand will store your stuff in a safe and secure location for as long as you choose

A Brief History of Storage

Part 1 - The History, Popularization and Next Version of the Personal Storage Industry

inconvenient self-storageThe early storage industry was ushered in by the Bekins brothers in the late 1800’s in Iowa, pioneering the concept of containerized storage. Today, a subsidiary of Bekins Van Lines, Bekins Moving and Storage Co. is a moving focused company that stores goods to facilitate domestic and international residential and business moves.

The modern storage industry began in the late 60’s in the US, and has been popularized by reality TV shows like ‘Storage Wars’, ‘Auction Hunters’ and various similar shows that interact with aspects of the personal storage industry. Millions of people watching these types of shows can’t seem to get enough of the idea that people may find something priceless tucked away in a storage unit that’s remained sealed for years, or sometimes decades.

The next iteration and evolution of the personal storage industry is adding digital, on demand functionality to remove the work and time spent dealing with interacting with the traditional storage locker. The consumer can simply pack the items they’re looking to store, cataloguing them as they go, and send them off to storage with a transportation and storage provider who will visit their home to pickup and deliver the items. From there, through a mobile website or application, the consumer can interact in meaningful ways with their items. Recall, disposal, donation, positioning to sell through back end fulfillment services integrated with an online store, or forwarding items to any serviceable address on the globe are all available via clicks or taps.

This new level of convenience and flexibility gives consumers pathways to manage their items like never before.

  • Seasonal decorations can now be sent off and recalled when needed or scheduled.
  • Renovations can be done with greater ease, as items can be staged for 1 or more months while the work is being completed and can be recalled by the box as rooms are ready.
  • Moving a home can be done in a more casual and less stressful way, ad boxes can arrive when it suits the homeowner, not all at once so they sit waiting to be unpacked, taking up a large amount of space.
  • Military personnel can stage their belongings between assignments, and have them delivered to wherever that new assignment may be.
  • Small businesses can store promotional items, or stage sales support items that can be delivered to field sales staff at whatever service level they choose. Marking end of seasons items for recycling as they expire.
  • Resellers and online merchants can now directly fulfill items they sell by forwarding items staged in order fulfillment warehouses that handle shipping and receiving to their buyers.

And the list goes on. Consumers can be as creative as they like with their items, using any mix of all of the new features available, without being tied to a physical location or needing a vehicle to move their items around.