• Step 1Request Bins!

    Request however many bins you need - from one bin to thirty bins. On average most customers find 3 to 5 bins work perfectly. We have made the sign-up process super easy. and... we will also not spam you. Once you have an account, you can even take advantage of our longer term storage at a discount price!

  • Step 2Pack your stuff at your leisure

    Your bins will arrive to your front door and you pack them at your own pace.

    • No more truck rental
    • No more remembering keys or long codes
    • You can take photo inventory of your stuff so you know exactly what you have

    We know life’s already busy, so take your time - we won’t charge you until the bins are actually in storage.
    Be sure to reference our handy packing guides and checklists which were included with your bins.

  • Step 3Request for your pickup

    Once you are packed and ready. Schedule your free pickup. We pick up directly from your front door!
    No more handcarts, truck rental or wasted weekends.

  • Step 4Chill. Relax. Enjoy your space again!

    We always store your items in a secured 24/7 facility. If you are unsure what you have, you can always access your inventory photos online in your account.

    If you suddenly realize that you need something back - refer to our "round-trip" option

  • Step 5All Done? - Get it back

    When you are ready for your items back, login into your account and cancel storage. Your bins will be set up for your free delivery. Whether you need just one bin back, or all of them, we will deliver it to your front door within 1-2 day(s).

Additional Services:

Round Trips

We know that sometimes you just need that ONE THING back that you didn’t anticipate you needed. We’ve been there! To make it easy, we created a “Round Trip” option. For a small fee, we get that bin back to you, and you interact with your stuff until you want to send it back. This is popular option for holiday decorations or expanding your seasonal wardrobe.

Renewal Periods

After your initial storage period, your bins will be charged the per monthly price or you can choose at that time to choose one of our longer storage period packages. If you believe your storage needs are behind you and you are ready to have your items back – simply cancel our service. We will deliver it directly back to your front door.

More questions? Visit our FAQ for more details, or contact us