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Order Bins and Storage

Get one bin or 100. Whatever you need to help you clear out that space in your home. When selecting your bins, decide what duration of storage best meets your needs. Go for a longer period to save almost 30%!

Organize and Pack Your Bins

Grouping similar items, now is the time to pack! Name your bins in the website, and enter a helpful description of the items you have in each bin. This will help later when you might want to recall a bin. If you like, you can also inventory your items with images. Simply upload from your smartphone, tablet or computer to help organize even more.
Be sure to reference our handy packing guides and checklists which were included with your bins.

Move to Storage

Your items are packed and securely sealed. From your inventory page "My Bins", click on Move to Storage and select the bins for storage. Then you can have us pick them up from your door. We can whisk them off to our secure storage facility where we take care of your bins like our own.

Roundtrip (optional)

If you would like to interact with your stuff, for example seasonal decorations. Simply select the bins from storage, and "Roundtrip" them. It's like checking out something from the library. A Roundtrip will pay for transportation to and from your home

Continue Storing

After your initial storage period your bins will change to monthly. If you would like to re-sub for the same or longer period, you can take advantage of great savings. If your storage needs are behind you then simply cancel storage, and we will return your bins back to your home along with a great big THANK YOU for having us be a part of your storage solution.