Storage Safety Rules

Let's Keep It Safe

We have to be safe, and there are some items we cannot store for the safety of our employees, our customers, and all of their belongings.

The following items (“Prohibited Items”) are banned from being stored in our facilities:

  • All firearms.
  • Anything primarily used as a weapon
  • Anything that’s illegal, such as drugs, drug paraphernalia, stolen property, and anything else that you can get arrested for possessing
  • Anything that contains liquids and/or could ooze or leak. This includes things like shampoo bottles, paint cans, and cleaning sprays
  • Anything explosive or combustible, such as ammunition, explosives, fireworks, and other flammables like gas, oil, kerosene, paint, and lighter fluid
  • Anything that is or was alive. This includes things like fruit, meats, cheeses, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, etc.
  • Anything that is (or was) edible. This includes any perishable and non-perishable food items (including Oreos and Twinkies).
  • Anything that smells, as well as all hazardous items, toxic materials, items that produce gas or odors, and items that may increase in size or burst
  • Basically, anything that might get outside of your box and harm others, our customers’ and employees’ belongings, or our storage facility

Storage of any Prohibited Items may result in additional fees and penalties, including and up to termination of your entire account. Prohibited Items that we discover will be quarantined and, at our sole discretion, either disposed of or returned to you, at your cost. If you have any questions about our Storage Rules, please contact Customer Support before your pickup appointment.


Some items need extra care during transportation and storage. Accordingly, we have policies that govern our storage of items that could reasonably be called “fragile” (“Fragile Items”).

We have guidelines for what constitutes a Fragile Item, but the guidelines below are not a complete list of all Fragile Items. These policies affect your ability to store certain items and our liability under our Protection Plans for damages to Fragile Items. Please avoid storing Fragile Items in Storage On Demand. If you choose to store Fragile Items, please pack your items carefully so that they’re not damaged during transportation or in storage.

We recommend padding your items and the inside of our bins or boxes with packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any Item that appears insufficiently sturdy or too poorly packed for transit or storage, or we may require that you purchase Supplies and/or elect to use our Packing Services before we will store your Item. We are not able to store any item crafted from marble, granite, stone, formica, lucite, acrylic, glass, crystal, or similar unless it is professionally crated before we arrive. Furniture that incorporates (in a tabletop or anywhere else) these materials must be disassembled. Many common household items are Fragile Items. You already know which ones those are, but for the avoidance of any doubt, common fragile items include without limitation all glassware, dishes, ceramics, pottery, ornaments, and crystal.

We consider all electronics to be Fragile Items, including without limitation TVs, computers, tablets, phones, printers, hard drives, and stereos. Musical instruments, mechanical devices, and appliances are also Fragile Items. Since we are not able to certify the condition and internal functionality of electronics, musical instruments, appliances, or mechanical devices before we store them, we are not liable for any mechanical or electrical derangement, defect, or internal damage that may occur.



While not prohibited, we strongly advise that you should not store any “Valuable Documents”, including any currency, bonds, deeds, stock certificates, IOUs, securities, or stamps; any official personal documents (such as passports, driver’s licenses, green cards, visas, birth or marriage certificates, etc.) or anything that contains personally identifiable information, such as date of birth, social security number, mortgage number, or a bank account number. This is not an exclusive list of Valuable Documents or personally identifiable information. Basically, do not store anything that contains information that can be used to steal someone's identity or a document that you may urgently need at a moment's notice. By executing this Agreement, you understand and agree that if you go ahead and store Valuable Documents, to the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive all rights and claims against Storage On Demand arising in any way from storing these things with Your Stuff. The storage of items of “Exceptional Value” is not recommended. Examples of such items include without limitation fine art, antique furniture, autographed or special-edition books or memorabilia, jewelry, fine musical instruments, digital files, sentimental items, historical artifacts, and all unique or rare items that cannot be replaced or whose value substantially exceeds the cost of a similar new item. If you store these items in Storage On Demand, we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy from a third party to cover the full value of the items. Our liability for loss or damage to these items will be limited by your Protection Plan, and is likely to be much less than the market value of the items. We strongly recommend that you make and retain copies of any digital files before storing them in Storage On Demand on hard drives, memory sticks, DVDs, or any other digital storage media. Storage On Demand is not responsible for the loss or corruption of digital files under any circumstances.