Here's the team!

Meet The Team!

So here we are. A group of bright hard-working people on a mission to improve storage. We're here to provide you a digitally enabled storage solution that removes the hard work and time spent from the traditional storage model, replacing it with ease of use, plenty of options, and all the flexibility you need to support your busy life.

Darren Kamensek

Darren Kamensek is a creative innovator who routinely focuses on constructive dissatisfaction and continuous improvement.


Doug Alexander

Doug Alexander is a Design Thinking and Innovation manager who partners with process owners, operations and desk level support to identify new and innovative ways to solve business problems.


Kevin Coffey

Kevin Coffey is an innovative, experienced marketing professional who is focused on understanding customer needs and utilizing technology to meet those needs.


Matt Pilchard

Matt Pilchard is a UI and web solutions developer who works with process and operations to design, create and support solutions that produce impact and value to the operations.